• 2008

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    Hyun-Suk Kim, Lei Bi, G. F. Dionne, and C. A. Ross, “Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of transparent Fe-doped SrTiO3 films”,Applied Physics Letters, vol. 93, 092506 (2008).,

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    Lei Bi, A. R. Taussig, Hyun-Suk Kim, Lei Wang, G. F. Dionne, D. Bono, K. Persson, Gerbrand Ceder, and C. A. Ross, “Structural, magnetic and optical properties of BiFeO3 and Bi2FeMnO6 epitaxial thin films : an experimental and first principles study”,Physical Review B, vol. 78, 104106 (2008).,

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    Dong Hun Kim, Nam Gyu Cho, Ho-Gi Kim,Hyun-Suk Kim, Jae-Min Hong, and Ill-Doo Kim, “Low voltage operating InGaZnO4 thin film transistors using high-kMgO-BST composite gate dielectric on plastic substrate”,Applied Physics Letters, vol. 93, 032901 (2008).,

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    Hyun-Suk Kim, Lei Bi, G. F. Dionne, C. A. Ross, and Han-Jong Paik, “Structure, magnetic properties, optical properties, and Hall effect of Co- and Fe-doped SnO2films”,Physical Review B, vol. 77, 214436 (2008).,

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    Lei Bi,Hyun-Suk Kim, Gerald F. Dionne, Scott A. Speakman, D. Bono, and C. A. Ross, “Structural, Magnetic and Magneto-optical Properties of Co Doped CeO2-δFilms”, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 103, 07D138 (2008).,

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    Gerald F. Dionne, and Hyun-Suk Kim, “Magnetostriction Effects of 3d4and3d6 Ions in Dilute Magnetic Oxide Films”,Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 103, 07B333 (2008).,

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