• 2022

  • 19

    Ji-Min Park, Seong Cheol Jang, Seoung Min Lee, Min-Ho Kang, Kwun-Bum Chung, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Oxide thin-film transistors based on i-line stepper process for high PPI displays”, Journal of Information Display (2022),

  • 18

    Young-Woong Song, Yun-Hee Chang, Jaeho Choi, Min-Kyu Song, Jeong Hyun Yoon, Sein Lee, Se-Yeon Jung, Wooho Ham, Jeong-Min Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Jang-Yeon Kwon*, “Doping Modulated Ion Hopping in Tantalum Oxide Based Resistive Switching Memory for Linear and Stable Switching Dynamics”, Small (Submitted),

  • 17

    Swathi Ippili, Jong Heon Kim, Venkatraju Jella, Subhashree Behera, Van-Hoang Vuong, Jang-Su Jung, Yujang Chom Jaewan Ahn, Il-Doo-Kim, Yun Hee Chang*, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Soon-Gil Yoon*, “Halide Double Perovskite-Based Efficient Mechanical Energy Harvester and Storage Devices for Self-Charging Power Unit”, Nano Energy , Volume 107, 108148 (2022),

  • 16

    Ji-Min Park, Hyunkyu Lee, GunOh Lee, Seong Cheol Jang, Yun Hee Chang, Hyunmin Hong, Kwun-Bum Chung, Kyung Jin Lee*, Dae Hwan Kim*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Top-Gate Transistors with Ultra-High Electron Mobility via Enhanced Electron Pathways”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2023, Vol 15, 1525-1534 (2022),

  • 15

    Jun-Seob Park, Eun-Yul Son, Gyu-Cheol Shin, Seong-Cheol Jang, Jong-Heon Kim, Ji-Won Jung*, Hyun-Suk Kim*, “LATP solid electrolyte manufacturing and characterization through Li2O co-sputtering”, Journal of the Korean Battery Society, vol. 2, 44-47 (2022),

  • 14

    Jiyoung Lee, Hyun-Suk Kim*, Ji-Won Jung*, “Synthesis of Expanded Graphite Oxide Frameworks via Crosslinking of Organiofiller for Li-S Battery Cathode”, Journal of the Korean Battery Society, vol. 2, 57-61 (2022),

  • 13

    Jun-Seob Park, Jong-Heon Kim, Su-Ho Cho, Jung Hyun Kim, Il-Doo Kim, Ji-Won Jung*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, Silicon-Protected, Vertically Grown MoS2 Nanosheets for High-Performance Thin-Film Li-Ion Batteries”, Ceramic International, vol 49, 5538-5542 (2022),

  • 12

    Oh Hyuk Kwon, Jong Heon Kim, Jun Seob Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Development of High-Performance LNMO Based Thin-Film Battery through Amorphous V2O5 Interlayer Insertion”, Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers, vol. 35, 194-198 (2022),

  • 11

    Kyu Ri Lee, Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Effect of Working Pressure Conditions during Sputtering on the Electrical Performance in Te Thin-Film Transistors”, Journal of the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers, vol. 35, 190-193 (2022),

  • 10

    Aeran Song, Jong Heon Kim, HyungSeok Yong, Yecheol Rho, Dong-Sup Song, Eunmi Cho, Min Jung Kim, Kwun-Bum Chung, Hyun-Suk Kim, Sang-Jin Lee*, “Transparent, hydrophobic, and flexible ZnO-plasma polymer fluorocarbon nanocomposite thin films for stable battery anodes and high-output triboelectric nanogenerators”, ACS Applied Nano Materials , Vol 5 14540-14550 (2022),

  • 9

    Swathi Ippili, Venkatraju Jella, Jagyu Kim, Seungbum Hong Hyun-Suk Kim, and Soon-Gil Yoon*, “High-power nanogenerator of 2D-layered perovskite in a polymer matrix for self-charging battery-powered electronics”, Nano Energy, vol. 103, 107781 (2022),

  • 8

    Muhammad Naqi, Kyung Hwan Choi, Youngin Cho, Hyunyeol Rho, Hae Won Cho, Pavan Pujar, Hyun-Suk Kim, Jae-Young Choi, and Sunkook Kim*, “Flexible Platform Oriented: Unipolar-type Hybrid Dual-Channel Scalable Field-Effect Phototransistors Array based on Tellurium Nanowires and Tellurium-Film with Highly Linear Photoresponsivity”, Advanced Electronic Materials, vol. 8, 2101331 (2022),

  • 7

    Kyeong Eun Song, Herald Schlegl, Chan Gyu Kim, Ki Sang Baek, Yu Ri Lim, Jung Hyun Nam, Hyun-Suk Kim, and Jung Hyun Kim*, “Electrical conductivity properties of porous SmBaCo2O5+d and SmBa0.5Sr0.5Co2O5+d layered perovskite oxide systems for solid oxide fuel cell”, Ceramic International, Vol 48, 28649-28658 (2022),

  • 6

    Jong Heon Kim, Jun-Seob Park, Su-Ho Cho, Soon-Gil Yoon, Il-Doo Kim*, Ji-Won Jung*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Stabilizing Surface of Ni-Rich Cathode via Facing-Target Sputtering for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 10, 25009-25018 (2022),

  • 5

    Jong Heon Kim, Kwangmo Go, Kyung Jin Lee*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “All-Solid State Lithium Battery through Physical and Chemical Interfacial Control”, Advanced Science, 9.2 (2022),

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