• 2023

  • 10

    Seungmin Lee, Seong Cheol Jang, Ji-Min Park, Soon-Gil Yoon, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “p-type CuI Thin-Film Transistors through Chemical Vapor Deposition Process”, Korean Journal of Materials Research, vol.33, 491-496 (2023),

  • 9

    Jong Heon Kim, Aeran Song, Ji-Min Park, Jun-Seob Park, Subhashree Behera, Eunmi Cho, Yun Chang Park, Ji-Won Jung*, Sang-Jin Lee*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Analogous Design of a Microlayered Silicon Oxide-Based Electrode to the General Electrode Structure for Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Batteries”, Advanced Materials (2023),

  • 8

    Ji-Min Park, Hwiho Hwang, Min-Suk Song, Seong Cheol Jang, Jung Hyun Kim, Hyungjin Kim*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “All-Solid-State Synaptic Transistors with an Li-ion-based Electrolyte for Linear Weight Mapping and Update in Neuromorphic Computing Systems”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (published online)-,

  • 7

    Ji Min Im, Kyeong Eun Song, Herald Schlegl, Hyunil Kang, Wonseok Choi, Seung-Wook Baek, Jun-Young Park, Hyun-Suk Kim, and Jung Hyun Kim*, “Generation of nanoflowers and nanoneedles on Co-based layered perovskite of IT-SOFC cathode affecting electrical conductivity”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Available online),

  • 6

    Gwon Byeon, Seong Cheol Jang, Taewan Roh, Ji-Min Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Yong-Young Noh*, “Recent Progress in Development of Backplane Thin Film Transistors for Information Display”, Journal of Information Display, vol. 24, 159-168 (2023),

  • 5

    Young-Woong Song, Yun-Hee Chang, Jaeho Choi, Min-Kyu Song, Jeong Hyun Yoon, Sein Lee, Se-Yeon Jung, Wooho Ham, Jeong-Min Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Jang-Yeon Kwon*, “Doping Modulated Ion Hopping in Tantalum Oxide Based Resistive Switching Memory for Linear and Stable Switching Dynamics”, Applied Surface Science, Vol 631, 157356 (2023),

  • 4

    Gyori Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Kyung Jin Lee*, “Sovent-free processed cathode slurry with carbon nanotube conductors for Lithium-ion batteries”, nanomaterials vol. 13, 324 (2023),

  • 3

    Mi-Seon Bae, Yun Hee Chang, Wonjong Lee, Chan-Su Moon, Seung-Woo Kim, Hyun-Suk Kim, Jongchul Lim, Tae-Youl Yang*, “Bication thiocyanate salt for advanced performance of wide-bandgap perovskite solar cells”, Energy & Fuels 37, 4608–4615 (2023),

  • 2

    Su-Ho Cho, Jun-Seob Park, Jong Heon Kim, Yun-Hee Chang, Jaewan Ahn, Jong Seok Nam, Ji-Won Jung Il-Doo Kim*, and Hyun-Suk Kim*, “Oxygen-Related Defect Engineering of Amorphous Vanadium Pentoxide Cathode for Achieving High-Performance Thin-Film Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries”, ACS Applied Energy Materials , Vol. 6, 2719−2727 (2023).,

  • 1

    Muhammad Naqi, Seong Cheol Jang, Ji Min Park, Hyun-Suk Kim*, and Sunkook Kim*, “Low Temperature Processed Highly Stable CMOS Inverter by Integrating Zn-ON and Tellurium Thin-Film Transistors”, Journal of Information Display (2023),

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